Martin L. King Jr. Day

Once or Twice in every man's lifetime there should be a spokesman that grabs him by the front of his lapels and makes him aware that the injustice we often heap on our fellow man must be made right. I believe that Martin Luther King Jr. was such a man for me.

He made it clear that the poor white man is just as oppresses as the poor black man. He made it clear that getting an education and working hard was the way to overcome. Only through our efforts will we be rewarded.

It is not the color of a man, but the efforts we give that make or break us. Those that make fun of a man's color often do it not just to press the other man down but to pick them selves up and be above someone.

I would encourage you all to Google MLK today and read one of his speeches. He is hated by some for his grand and great ideas about men, for all men. I think it is right that we honor this man once a year and look at ourselves to make sure that we aren't being what we are for ourselves. If only we could give everyone a dream for what life could be and not what people must give us. I too have a dream and wish one for you.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree with what you have said here. You should have written every single speech and column from every single speaker and writer for the day.

    No one, I mean no one, ever even touched on one topic that Dr. King championed, equality. Every single thing that I saw and read yesterday was about....RACE. And that was the one thing that Dr. King lobbied against his entire life. Let's not let it be about color, ever. Yesterday made me so mad.

    Salute, MUD. Job well done.