KU Vs Nebraska 1.26.08

I don't have a clue who these two beauties are with the JayHawk but Barb sure takes a great picture. They were taking a photo op and Barb took their picture.

One of the fun things to see at the games is the JayHawk mascot interact with the kids. He is a great big bird and the little guys just have to get a hug.

One of the seniors is Darnell Jackson and he is playing like a man possessed. I think he wants to play pro ball next year and I would sign him up just because of his attitude and hard work.

This is two of the freshmen, Cole Aldridch and Conner Tehan. They are the future of KU Basketball.

After a good stretch, a warm up and the National Anthem they gang up and celebrate who they are.

The voices in the Field house sing the Alma Matter and it is a great moment for the fans. Hail to thee...

My niece Jennifer and her friend Jodi met us at half time. It was Jodi's birthday present to take her friend Jennifer to the game. Jodi's husband stayed home with their 4 boys and watched the game there. Jenn had not seen the new Museum in the front of the field house and they are standing in front of the Jay Hawk from the 70's.

The half time score was 47 to 19 and the final was 84 to 49. It wasn't Nebraska's best game and the hawks were spot on in their defense and offense. I had a great time and you can see that Barb shot some great pictures. This will be our last game to attend in person this year and we had a great time. I want to thank our good friend Paul Bahnmier for selling us his Home game tickets for January.


  1. Love this post!!! Awesome.

  2. After that 1st photo, I think I could become a real BBall fan.