Another great game in Lawrence. I hope the game was as good on TV as it was in person. One thing you could not have felt or heard was the noise. About five minutes into the game I had little hearing left and when it got quiet as one of the OU players fell hurt, the silence was missed. The paper said this takes the JayHawks into uncharted waters at 17-0. Thy beat a team that just barely lost to K-State on Saturday.

The only part of the game that made this tough was when we stayed until the end, the traffic was terrible. It took us 30 minutes just to get out of Lawrence. It only took us another 25 minutes to get home once we were on open highway.

I hope you all find something that you enjoy as much as we have been enjoying the basketball games in January. Our friend Paul put us in the bleachers and we love it. MUD

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