Cherokee Nation Oklahoma

What does this fine pair of people have in Common? They were both born in what was the Oklahoma Territory around the turn of the century. The soldier is Geary Schmoe, Barb's Grandfather and the fellow in the hat is Will Rogers.

Both were born near what is now Oologah, Oklahoma
We looked but there weren't any statues to Geary but right in the middle of the street is Will and his horse in Bronze.
I had the experience to only see Will in the Movies and I was impressed with his down to earth view of the people he met. Geary was a special kind of man that smiled easy and made me feel welcome from the first time we met.

Out on the Lake is the Will Rogers Birthplace.

This was his grandparents house

Standing on the porch overlooking Lake Oologah. They moved the house to this overlook from about 3/4 miles to the south in the middle of the lake.

This is a barn just east of the house

This must have been Oklahoma, They have a White Democrat

Barb and I have started documenting our travels and taking a few side trips. With the family interest in Oologah we made the trip. I tell you that from Tulsa this is a nice trip and I could spend hours sitting under the trees and looking at the lake. We went over from Bartlesville through Nowata. The unfortunate part of the trip was that it was Saturday and the Museum was closed. We hoped that they would have a map of the area and might find where Geary was born.
Great Travels for you.

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  1. Thank you. We have several open Fridays coming up this summer. This will make a nice day trip for the fam. :)