Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!, PT 2

This is two of the white tiger cubs. They were so cute and you might just want to hug them if you had a guard with a gun.

This is the Mexican version of the raccoon. They cal it a coatie mundie and they were so cute.

Someone had given the zoo some coyote cubs and they were still afraid of people. These two sisters sat in a corner while one brother ran up and down the fence.

There are two of the prettiest wolves in this zoo that I have ever seen. They were Siberian wolves and had long legs and a very intelligent look to their eyes.

I could go on with pictures of the alligator, a puma, a black spotted panther, baboons, snakes, parrots and lemurs but the real show is there. If you are ever going through Caney Kansas on US 75 I would recommend you drive the 1.5 miles east of town and see this wonderful wildlife exhibit.


  1. Hey MUD, cool. It's interesting that a little place like that has a zoo. Heck, there is not even a zoo in Shreveport (250,000 pop. 350,000 in metro area).

    Personal note. My wife was adopted as a baby. She found her birth mother about 10 years ago. She was living in Caney, KS, and had for about 25 years with her husband. Who knew Caney was such a popular place? Later.

  2. If you ever go to Caney, I highly recommend a trip out to the Safari Zoo. MUD