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Lately there has been a lot said about the political process and what it all means. Those that felt they had to suffer through 8 years of Bush are now reveling in the Democratically controlled process and just hate it when we make fun of their side. I try to remember back to the Clinton era when we poked fun of his poking fun. I think it is time that we all stood up and admitted that the Republicans were a little better than the Democrats in controlling spending but not by a lot and for different reasons. When the Democrats felt we needed some additional spending for items to make our life better at home, we threw the War on terror in their face and told them that it was unpatriotic to complain. Now they are spending on guns and butter and to inspire the economy to bet back on track. Since the inclusion of the Minnesota Democrat they have a majority that is impervious to efforts to filibuster.

But, back to my main thought and that is what is the role of Government and are we ever going to get what we want. I think that both sides really want a Government that protects our liberties. It is the difference in ways to obtain it that makes the biggest difference. I will not include the libertarians in this discussion as they tend to believe that any government is an intrusion into their liberty.

The Conservative wing feels that Government has far exceeded any need and now it is intruding on the people through the cost of Big Government. Additional liberties protected now will result in bigger Government and there is the age old discussion of just how big it should be. The other side feels there is room for additional Government legislation and spending that will make our lives better. If we had spent the money we spent on the War on Terror on our schools where would we be? Is spending money at home better for us than spending it on programs that take man to the moon?

One of the issues that spins its way to the top is smoking. Simply put it is a habit that in the long run will kill you. The number of deaths caused by cancer is the answer to higher medical costs. If you die at 60 you can't use the health care system until you are 80. Tax the crap out of it and spend that money to run the government. I hear the dis staff side of our population say they want Marijuana legalized. Isn't that just another form of smoking? Does Government need another form of Tax just to run? I have read that California could balance their budget if they legalized and taxed MJ. Do we want another form of recreational drug in our system and is it OK to have it in California? Again, I have more questions than answers on this matter.

Somewhere there has to be an emergence of a group of people that can make sense out of all this mess. The issue of abortions, clearly a matter between a woman and her doctor's, has made us unable to even talk at the same table. Kind of like the issue of the shape of the table in 1968. Those of us in Vietnam wanted them to come sit in the mud with us and the shape of the table wouldn't have mattered. The issue of abortions, stem cell research and Nationalized Health care are issues and should not freeze our ability to talk and find the middle ground.

My vote for the number one issue is the fact that about half of the people do not feel empowered enough to join the discussion. Perhaps it is the people in charge of our political parties afraid to awaken the masses to the issues that keeps that powerful segment of our population so in check. When my 30 year old son and those of his generation take their heads out of posting to face book, writing blogs and Twittering I will think we are on the track to change. The other night our Nephew-in-law said he was going to mow and then sit on the porch with a Samuel Adams beer. I came home and mowed but I have stopped drinking.

Your side in charge, no problem. My side in charge, no problem. Yet we seem to have been drifting for a decade or two and need to be on a course to somewhere. It is where, that sparks that discussion.

Two Jokes about life - Will Rodgers said that Politicians and Diapers need changed often. Mostly for the same reason. Garrison Keeler told the new Oley and Lena Joke. Oley took the new baby into the nursery at the local Lutheran Church. The Babies diaper was obviously full and the lady asked him if he needed to change the diaper. Oley said, "No the box said up to 25 pounds and we are no where near that." Barb laughed so hard I could hear her while I was in the shower. She had to wait about five minutes to be able too tell me that joke.


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  1. Good points MUD... It's a shame that the political discussion in the country has been dominated by the polar extremes.

    There seems to be an over-abundance of one issue voters who are blinded to any bigger picture.