My View - 7 Deadly Sins Reviewed

The Seven Deadly Sins was discussed on Flea's World and It made sense, at least to me, for it to be the place to start talking about things that worked for me. This might be one of those blogs that hits the trash but for now, here it is.

Pride - My father worked for Beech Aircraft for 40 years in Quality Control. He always talked about what he felt was a big problem in that people didn't take pride in their work. I always felt like that If a man couldn't feel pride in himself, who would. I wonder if I spend too much time worrying about this area. Who cares if when I finish mowing what it looks like. ME!

Envy - Now here is one of the silliest things I try to never get involved in. Your new car or new house or new clothes should bring you pleasure not make me feel bad. I have always smiled when someone got a medal, a promotion or met one of their life goals. I try to do my best and that is more often than not, is good enough.

Gluttony- There is always that little kid in me that wants to eat that whole damned bag of circus peanuts. Every once in a while I want to eat a cheeseburger, drink a chocolate malt and have a side order of onion rings. It is tougher to not let this side of me set in when I have enough money to spend $50.00 on a junk food run to Wal*Mart.

Lust - I think there is a side to every guy that jumps out now and then that makes us lust after things or people we can't have. It is what we do when no one is watching that is the important part. I can't speak for women but I'm sure that at least 50% of the people in every illicit liaison fit that category. (Well, perhaps that number might be off a little bit)

Greed - There is a part of me that says this is a driver and not a bad thing. Growing up with little extra gives me that need to exceed or give in to greed and accrue things beyond what I really need. My stuff piles up bigger than your stuff so I win, or not.

Sloth - Suffering from Attention deficit Disorder, this is foreign to me. I can spend more time doing things than anyone I know. I guess if all this doing is not really fully productive it is for naught. Oh well, yards to mow and places to go. Get up off your butt and do something even if it is not the best thing to do. I did benefit from using a Franklin Planner when I was working. I had to focus my activity.

Anger - Somewhere about the age of 50 I gave in to this. I really never did suffer fools gladly but now I am way to quick to fire and forget when discretion might be the better part of valor. Treat me nice and you will find a friend for life. Screw me over and you will find me hard to be with.

BONUS - STUPID - I don't think ignorant people are bad. You don't know what you don't know. But, when you do something that is so hard to swallow that a normal reasonable person just couldn't believe it to their core, I will cry foul. This doesn't include those silly little things that we all do as a mistake, but those things that we flagrantly do and then try to convince others that it is OK. My reaction is to give in to the seventh sin and to move on mad.

Did this help, hurt or just give you something to spend some time doing something different.



  1. I think there is good pride and bad pride. Maybe pride isn't the best word for one of them.

    I've never understood envy. I grew up with very little, but I never envied my peers who had more. I may have been amazed at some of the things they had, but I was happy they had them and never felt jealous or covetous. People who spend their time comparing themselves to others and longing for what they have are not very happy people. No matter how much stuff they eventually attain, they will always want more. Envy and greed go hand in hand.

    Gluttony - I'm guilty of this with food. I just love good food, and sometimes I'll continue eating past the full point because it tastes so good. I did that night before last when we had a little family party with way too many good things to eat and woke up miserable yesterday morning. I've got to learn to be more moderate in my diet.

  2. Good analysis MUD. Anger is the one that I struggle with the most.

    Pride in a job well done is first nature to me...always has been. I'm particular. But I think "pride" in the sinful sense is that thing that causes us to fail through stubbornness.

    My Daddy always told me, "Pride will put you in the poorhouse." I found that to be true once...keeping up with the Jones is a form of pride that can sure ruin you.

    Good food for chewing...