New Terms

PONZI Scheme - a Fraud that takes a couple million dollars away from investors by paying old investors with the money from new investors.

MADOFF Scheme - promise to pay a rate that is too good to be true by expanding a Ponzi to the big leagues. Really pay the "salesmen" great salaries to bring in the money from charities that need to even out their money flows. This runs into the Billion to two billion range.

PELOSI Scheme - wait until the times go bad and then spend Trillions of dollars with no hope of ever returning any of it. Promise no tax increases then pass a Cap and Trade bill that will cost each person well over $100 a month in higher utility rates next year. Promise to not tax medical benefits and then change the program where it all flows through the government and everyone will pay with higher costs and get poorer care. Spend 6% of the stimulus money and tell everyone we need another one just to keep the ball rolling.

Ponzi was deported. Madoff was sentenced to 150 years. What will it take to get the Pelosi Scheme off our back? I know, lets re-elect no one next time.


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