Reverse Bucket List Part 2

A while back I listed some things that at one time I have done and probably will not do again. This is part two of that list.
  • The name Petty has been big in racing but alas, I probably will never break the speed limit again. Well, I might by accident on a long hill.
  • Be broke. I have found that over time it is a damned site more fun in life to want what you have rather than to get what you want. 'Cides, there is really enough stuff here to clean.
  • Fall in love with a strange woman. Dang, I hate it when that happens but alas I'll just have to keep half of my stuff and share.
  • Buy another gun. I have to remember where I wrote the combination to my gun safe as it is. I will probably take grandma's gun to the gun shop and have it blued one of these days and it does need a longer stock. That will be my legacy gun for Dave, or someone.
  • Smoke a pipe or a cigarette. Full of what you ask? Cubed Burley cured tobacco. I might have a birthday cigar or two during the rest of my life but not that pipe.
  • Really answer the question where I want to be or what do I want out of life. I keep coming back to here and what I have but hey, that's the easy answer.
  • Take off and travel at the drop of the hat. There is a "Space A" flight to Alaska next week but we probably won't get around to it right in the middle of garden time.
  • Do much more than visit the puppies in Pet Land. The outside dogs are getting old and the MG doesn't want an inside dog. There was a cute dachshund there yesterday but...

OK Smart ass what can't you do without?

  • Dishwasher. If ours breaks, the next day Will be get a new one time.
  • Air Conditioning.
  • TV and Cable
  • Old truck to haul stuff. May not haul much but at least I want one to do it with.
  • Access to a kitchen. Even if I wind up in a nursing home I want kitchen privileges.
  • Pop Corn and ice cream. Not at the same time but every once in a while I just like a snack of either one.
  • A good BBQ. Not one of those rickety damned cheap ones but a good old Webber. Now if I could just find a good stainless steel grill. The chrome ones at Wal*Mart don't last much more than one season.
  • The MG and her flowers. I grumble sometimes when she wants more mulch or something tilled but she brings more beauty into my life by accident than anything I do on purpose.
  • Spell checker.

And finally I really do love the computer and writing on a blog.



  1. Once upon a trip (or two) to Austin, I tested the limits of my little car and buried that needle at 120. I may speed again, but I haven't done it like that since having kids and won't do it like that again. When you're young and stupid, you think you're invincible too. Now I set my cruise control at exactly four miles over the speed limit. I value my life and the lives of others too much to be so foolish. I don't much like giving my money to the local police either. That's what taxes are for.

  2. MUD, I'm glad you like writing on a blog. I can identify with darned near everything you listed...except, insert my wife's name in MG's place.

    However, I will break the speed limit occasionally if I'm trying to pass a log truck, or a blue hair...

    Have a good 'un!

  3. I love your can't do without list. Amen to the A/C and the dishwasher!

  4. For the life of me I can't remember reading Part One of the bucket list? Where can I find it? That is, without going through every one of your posts.

    Great stuff, Mud.