Fair Today

When I signed up for the Master Foods Volunteer training, I committed myself to do 40 hours of volunteer work for the County in exchange for the training and materials. A part of that work is helping the food judging at the Shawnee County Fair. I will be assigned to team up with a trained judge and do whatever comes up. I have high hopes that it won't be the cherry pie judging but I will do what I have to do. My sisters were in 4-H as we all grew up ad they had to bake what seemed like an almost endless number of cherry pies getting ready for the Fair. I don't hate cherry pie but I think I have eaten my share of them in my life.

Our friends from Morocco are back in the United States to catch up on their dental work and to see their parents here in Kansas. We are not sure how much we will get to see them but have high hopes that we will get to spend some time together. There is so much we feel that we need to pay them back for that we could host them for the entire time and still feel that we need to take care of them. Barb made a scrapbook of our trip and it seems like there is so much in the few short days we spent there that we couldn't have done a lot more. Heck, just spending a few hours with them on the beach was such a treat. The girls love of the sand and water put a smile in my heart that will last all year.

My new thought is I fear we are drifting more apart as a nation not more together. Having the first black President should be a marker that the opportunities are unlimited and prove to all that my theory of an education coupled with hard work will make a person successful. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of things that the POTUS and I don't agree on but hey, he is the POTUS. Almost every article I read talks about how his numbers are falling and he is facing his Waterloo. Don't people remember that no President has finished as popular as he started? There is a bunch of people that don't try to remember history so they don't know what they don't remember. Lindon Johnson was able early on, after the Kennedy assignation, to get a bunch of programs passed and started. He withdrew from the race as POTUS because he felt he might not get re-elected (Plus some health reasons) Jimma Carter was the man from Plains, GA that was going to bring about some intelligence into the spending of our government and he was sent home with his tail stuck between his legs over the failing economy.

I am not asking in any way for the people out there to stop being mad over what our Congress is doing to the economy. I am telling you that the problems have been in place for three years under Nancy Pelosi Galore and Harry "Snake eyes" Reid. The problems are not in the intelligence of the POTUS but the failure of the entire congress to keep our $ in control. Ask anyone that has filed for bankruptcy if they could spend themselves out of broke.


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  1. MUD, "Nancy Pelosi Galore." Crud...I just spewed Diet Coke on the monitor, and came close to turning loose water on the other end.

    Man, I am laughing my guts up...

    You're right though. No President leaves office as popular as entering. History kinda shakes out the winners and losers.

    Good post.