Stupid Weather

For some reason mid July here in the Heartland is mild. Our highs are in the 80 all week and we have been almost jacket weather in the mornings. Global Warming my ass! The only problem for me today is if and when is it going to rain. I got started picking up the broken deck boards and it started raining. I stopped and covered everything up and it quit. I decided to give it 30 minutes - nothing. you wait and as soon as I start again it will start dripping and then quit. Crap oh dear.

For some reason I have been having military dreams a lot lately. (I wonder if it might be because the Military channel is on a lot) It seems that I wake up about 6 AM and then dose back off. That's when the dreams occur with a lot of hurry up and wait in them. Seems like there is always something not done or needing done better.

Barb just brought me a BLT for breakfast. I love the produce and I make sure there is bacon all crisped up in the icebox just for such a snack.

Tonight the kids are coming over and we'll have enchiladas. Some will be chicken and some will be taco seasoned hamburger. I'm not sure what side we'll have but if the past is any indication black beans and rice will fit in there somewhere.

Better get cranking, the weather is going to just be cloudy (I hope)


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  1. We're having the same fantastic weather here. Isn't it grand?