Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh MY Pt 1.

Back in the 1970's, I commanded a battery in the National Guard that was located in Horton, Kansas. When a WWI General Died, The Headquarters sent two helicopters there and flew us and some howitzers to Caney, KS. That is about as far south on US 75 as you can get and still be in Kansas. Every time we went through Caney, Barb heard that story until I'm sure she could almost tell it.

The other day I was reading on MSM about three white tiger cubs that were nursed by a Golden Retriever and they said that it took place in the Safari Zoological Park in Caney, Kansas. Sure enough that fact got stored in my brain housing group and this trip through there, we stopped. This is not just a little road side stand but an honest to god zoo with some great animals.

On our trip to Morocco, they mentioned the Barbary lions that are now extinct. The Barbary lion has a black mane and is the largest of the lions. This is one of the Barbary males that is about 80% Barbary lion. It was after feeding and it was warm so he was cat napping.

This is the daddy white tiger and he is large. He and his mate have a three year old daughter and the three tigers that will be a year old in August. The mother hid in her shelter and slept.

This is a Russian bear that really wanted our attention. He would stand on his hind legs and waive for a cookie. Hie also did one trick where he squatted down and waived as he did his "Little Bear" routine

For some reason I couldn't get the pictures to all load on one blog so the next one is part 2.


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