Dang, I hate it when this happens!

For years, we would go to visit my grandmother and Grandfather in Arkansas and she would cook up things with cherry tomatoes is them. I asked her how she always managed to have some and she said she would pick them and freeze them on a pizza pan and then store them in a zip lock bag. Ours never seem to last that long. Put a bowl out of those sweet little treats on our counter here at Rabbit Run and they just seem to disappear. Dang, I hate it when that happens!
My other tomato story was about the man near Wichita that bought a truck load of treated Human waste from the sewage treatment plant. He put that black top soil on his new yard and almost as soon as things started to grow, it was obvious that he would have more tomato plants than grass. I guess the tomato seeds just go through the human system undigested. Even the next year tomato plants sprouted up and he couldn't decide if he should eat the fruit or not. Dang, I hate it when that happens. Fertilizer is fertilizer.
Have a great day out there.

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