What Do You Say?

Yesterday, at the local grocery store, I had a couple of lottery tickets to check. The store has installed a stupid set of barriers that prevent people from just walking up to the lottery ticket machine to self check your ticket. I walked to the end of the line and as I got to the front, the lady with three children went to cash a check. (or the amount on her welfare cash card). One of her tribe was playing with the lottery machine where the light shines out to scan the bars on the ticket. I asked him to move so I could check my ticket and the lady said very loud, "Don't touch my child" I hadn't and we both looked at her with a dumb look. She said again, "Don't ever touch my child." I simply walked away rather than confront her stupidity. Let me cite the reasons she should have known I didn't touch her child.

First, he wasn't crying from the knots on his head he deserved.
Second, he was still standing and no on the floor for the swift kick he deserved.
Third he could still hear because I hadn't boxed his ears.

When I walked back to the front of the store the lady and her tribe was no longer in the customer service line. I went back over to purchase new tickets and she and her tribe walked by and they all glared at me like I was a criminal.

To me, telling child to do the right thing is the role of adults. If I am in the bathroom and a little guy starts out the door without washing his hands, I will remind him to , "Wash your hands". I think that is how civilized adults act around children. I will tell a child to pick something up hen he throws things on the floor and remind them to no touch things when they shouldn't.

What really bothers me about this the most is that no matter what happened to that kid from then on, he is going to think his mother is going to fly to his defense. There will come a time when she helicopters in to save him and he is going to think he is deserving of saving no matter what. Instead of saying come over here she raised he voice to me.

What do you say to an adult who is wrong and is doing it in front of her children. I walked away but I really think she was wrong and ignorant to boot. Kind of like the POTUS to take the side of a black college professor not knowing the details.



  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    The unfortunite thing about this incident is that the woman thinks you did touch her child and by not defending yourself you validated that thought in her mind even though you did not touch him. The downside of this is from now on whenever these people see you in the store they will always believe you did touch their kid and you will regret not clearing the air immediately.

  2. Aw Hell, Mud, next time just smack the dumbass mother and get it at the source.

  3. Dear Anon. Yes, I do regret not clearing up the air in this matter but, she was not rational at the time and all I would have gotten was more of her insane crap about not ever touching her child. Then the child would have further have the idea ingrained in him that mom will fight for him right or wrong. I remember when as a kid if we got whipped in school we got more at home. Oh how the world changes. MUD