They are Here

Our hosts in Morocco are here for a short visit and we got to repay some of their hospitality last night. I'm sure that they are about talked out because they have been visiting with their friends for the better part of three days. We had a great meal and a nice short visit.
Have I mentioned the Rib Eye steaks from Sam's club? Their choice Maker's Mark steaks are about as good as I can find anywhere. They aren't cheap but to spend about $5.00 for a steak that would sell for $15 to $18 at a steak house ain't bad.
On Jenni's site "Prairie Air" she talked about a hot, Hot Potato salad. It is seasoned with a Hot Wing sauce and I added a touch of additional hot by adding a couple of very small Jalapenos from the garden. I didn't listen to my inner voice and left the potatoes in larger chunks without mashing about half of the potatoes to make it more creamy. It was good but the Hot German Potato salad with cheese is pretty good also. Perhaps I will find a way to combine them and have a killer hot potato salad.
I have found a cheese in the Mexican section they call Casa fresca. Does anyone have a good recipe to use it with. I saw Emeril make a cheese dip with it and think melted into a sauce it would make a good burrito sauce. May give it a try today and pass it off on the masses when they stop in for Planned Overs. Spent a couple of hours on the grill yesterday and have a bunch of cooked meats for meals later on this week.
Barb worked the Shawnee County Fair yesterday and talked to a lot of people about sunflowers. You could tell she was having fun and in her element. Sure like that lady as well as love her.

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