Monday Morning

I read the paper with an eye towards the things that try to make fun out of things that are on the edge. Quite a few of the funny paper panels ended with comments that made me smile but not laugh out loud. One of the Blogs "Support Your Local Gunfighter" wants to "Moon" those that doubt that Apollo 11 went to the moon. Seems like my day may be headed for one of those conclusions that make me want to go somewhere and be alone. I will spend my day smiling and making the bastards wonder what I have been up to.

Our car hunt is ongoing and we haven't found the perfect set of wheels, yet! Barb still wants a car that costs less than $10,000 and gets 50 MPG. My desires include enough room to let me get in and drive without knocking my elbows or my head as I do so. I drove the Morris 850 (think Mini Cooper without the Cooper power plant) in high school so I know what little is. Once upon a time a family member had a little blue Dotson for sale that was cute as a bugs ear. I went out to look at it and then tried to get inside. If I drove with my head tipped to the right it was great. I am going to try to avoid that in our next car. I want to be able to get in the car and 8 or 10 hours later be able to get out without feeling I spent the day inside a snow globe.

I have flashes of wanting to call Dave Ramsey and asking him to talk to some of the people that really get his program and what a difference it makes in your life. For me the secret is wanting what you have and not getting what you want. Save until you can spend cash and then do it only after really looking at almost all of the options. It is nice to be able to plan the purchase of a car and not to be up against a wall when the old one breaks down. I dated a girl that when her parents took off in a 57 station wagon with over 100,000 miles on it had to replace it in mid trip. Needless to say they got screwed on the trade-in and on the price of the new car. They wound up with a Nova that was so ugly that the dealer sticker on the back end made it look better. I think it had a 4 cylinder and was so loosy goosy when it drove that they encouraged me to drive it. I think they wanted me to wreck it so they could get a replacement. My little brother will forever remain in the happy place for wrecking a Volvo that my dad hated. Rick will tell you that a drunk caused the wreck. I wonder how many beers Dad had to buy that drunk.

I am nearing my 62nd birthday and am actually going to get a little Social Security. You can bet your bippy that I will take as much as I can as quick as I can. Over the years I managed to put 7.5% of a lot of income into the fund and think I should finally get some of it back. Yes I know it really some of the money going in today and it won't last forever. Bite me! For what I have paid in taxes over the years I should get a lot back and won't. Oh well, I will put it in that can of cash buried out in the yard and apply it to a good project some day.

Better go find something to do. The kids are coming over tonight and we will feed them something made with all the "Planned Overs" we have on hand. I have something from all of the meat groups and most of it is grilled with lots of hickory smoke. They will go home full. My motto is anyone that goes home hungry from Rabbit Run does so only because they want to.



  1. I agree; take that SS money as soon as you can. Better you have it than the government, no telling who they might give it to. :)

    I also remember going for a cruise with a friend who'd bought a little bitty convertible. Now, I'm pretty tall, like about 6 feet, and she is about 4 feet (okay maybe 5 but still) and my head was higher than the windshield. I was afraid I'd be killed by a flying bug in the eye.

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Yes!!! Take that Social Security money while you can! Us younger folk will not be seeing any of it to be sure!

  3. Staci, the bugs won't kill you, but they sure do hurt and distract you from driving.

    Yeah, MUD, take the money, it is yours. And buy an old Corvette. They get great mileage.

  4. Good luck with the vehicle. We just got a grand caravan for under 7k. Mileage also under 70k. Nice roomy ride, but the mileage isn't 50.