'Nother Rainy day in Kansas

Just as our garden is starting to bring in the harvest, the weather has been cooperating by keeping everything watered this week. Many tomatoes, a few beans, a zucchini and a small eggplant are waiting for the magic of the kitchen. There are cukes and onions in vinegar just waiting.

To add to this is the plethora of "Planned Overs" that I did on the grill yesterday. Barb picked up a big old package of chicken and I picked out the steaks. I was showing Dave the kind of steaks I really likes when one of the Sam's Club butchers came out and was restocking the KC Strips. I described the perfect marbling that made a steak taste good and the butcher said, "Like this". Just perfect steaks under the label of Maker's Mark Choice.

The truck needed a new starter and I pulled out the old one today. I always take parts to the parts store to see if they are good or not and man did that sucker smoke. The good news is that a rebuilt starter was less than $50.00. About two hours work and everything is working fine.
Sure love the old cars. I'm not sure if I could find the starter on Barb's Buick. Even then I'm sure I would have to stand on my head or jack up the motor.

Have a great day out there.


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  1. I hear ya. Chris will be replacing the EGR valve on my van tomorrow.