Oh My God!

- The crazies out there are still talking about the missing Birth Certificate for the POTUS. Don't you know that if for some reason he was removed we would have Joe Biden as POTUS? Better the devil we know than the fool who no one knows what he will say next. Send a TEA bag to your elected representatives and let them know that we are watching and will not send them back during the next election unless they figure out a way to bring sanity to Washington.



  1. Fer reals? The conversation is still hovering around the BC? Oh geez.

  2. Well MUD, count me as one of them "crazies."

    Yep, I'm crazy!!! I really care about the freakin' Constitution of the United States. Those stupid old guys that wrote the thing, and wore wigs, were really, REALLY, concerned that one day someone with divided loyalties might rise to the Office of President.

    That is why those stupid fellows wanted to make sure that the top dog had a pure US pedigree.

    Well, obviously they were wrong. Our current President proves it!

    Even though he REFUSES to provide easily available proof in a court of law that he was born in Hawaii...and has spent a gozillion dollars fighting lawsuits that could have easily been handled...it don't matter!!!

    He is the cat's pajamas, and he's gonna lead us all up into the pajamaland.

    Who cares about the Constitution, or about the guys that foresaw a day when our nation might be lead by someone with no REAL loyalty to the US???

    There is a reason for the "natural born citizen" qualification for President of the United States.

    Better the dufus born in Scranton PA, than the demon born in Kenya.

    Just my two cents...

  3. Andy - Barry's Mom was born in Kansas and he was born in Hawaii. By the laws of the United States, he can claim citizenship of his mother even if his dad was born in Kenya. My daughter-in-law was born in Japan and I'll bet you she can out eat more ditch crickets than you can. Her Dad was a Kansan but her mother was a coon ass craw dad eaten' fool. That doesn't make her Japanese. I wish it were different but the POTUS in just the best we can do for now. MUD

  4. Obama could end the dispute by providing his BC, but I think he enjoys watching the wild goose chase.

    At most, there may be an error on his original... (which is no big deal, mine is a mess too...)