Nature Ride

There is a bike trail in South Lawrence that runs from the ball parks to the lake. There is an abundance of wild things there are very interesting. Such as this

Snapping Turtle
He had a dead frog in his mouth that appeared to be very dead

Down by the parking area is water and snakes love water

He came out of the water and into the grass

Across the sidewalk and into the pond on the other side

Yes, that little water snake was a copperhead and we had to tell the three boys to leave it alone. One had a net, one a fishing pole and the third just a small stick. Sounds like a bite was bound to happen. The snake did not back off or slink away. He went where he wanted and was a beautiful creature if you like snakes. I don't. You notice that I'm not in any of the pictures near the snake.
UPDATE: On the news yesterday, it was reported that a Lawrence Professor at KU was bitten by a copperhead as he weeded his garden. These little fellows are hard to see and aggressive. Barb has seen one out by our butterfly garden and she normally just walks right in to weed. Guess she will change that behavior.


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    No, It is not a copperhead. But I don't know what it is either.

  2. When I googled copperhead snakes they said the easiest way to tell the differenc is by the bite. The Rat snake has a bite mark with all its teeth and a copperhead has two punctures. Not the way I want to tell the difference. You had to be there to see how unscared that sucker was. Close enough for me.

  3. That is one whoppin' big turtle. And I'm scared of snakes no matter what kind they are.