MUD at the sick Plant Clinic, Talking good food
Lisa Martin and MUD at our display

I just wish I could find a spark of humor or wisdom today to make this blog outstanding. Some catchy title like, it is the best of times or the worst of times... The sad news is you are stuck with whatever I come up with as my thoughts that cross the front of my mind spill out on this keyboard. The sad truth is that this is really what you get for most of my blogs unless I have a good talk with the MG or read some good news in the paper.

Just a flash for the Police that are looking for motive in the killing of Steve McNair. Get a girl friend and give her a Cadillac not a ring and you'll have motive. Sleep with a 20 year old girl and tell her that you already have a wife and kids, you'll have a motive. Take your girl friend only to an apartment you rent for a friend and you'll have motive. Get stopped for DUI and take a taxi home and she is arrested and you'll have a motive. My Niece Amy said they should rent Fatal Attraction and review what motive looks like. OK, I fully understand that those TV Police/NCIS/CSI shows must be solved in an hour and they identify the guns in about 10 minutes. I think that the fact that he was shot twice in the chest, once on each side of his head and she had a contact wound on her temple should give you a good idea that the gun she has under her body is the one that was used and she had it last.

The deck on the side and back of our house is now almost 20 years old. It is in need of repair and I'll be working on bracing it up for the next week or so. I am also going to go to Lowe's or Home Depot this morning to see what redwood and those plastic planks cost. I hate to put down part of the deck new and leave part of it in the same old wood. Oh well, better get started. Got a new door put on Dave's shed yesterday and now it needs a good coat of paint. Won't last long if I don't.


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  1. MUD, keep throwing whatever comes your way at us. I (for one) enjoy it.