Funny story

Today we judged foods made by young adults. Kids do and will say the darnedest things. One pair of brothers brought half of an order of brownies to be judged. The older brother worked hard to top his brownies with choc chips, nuts and caramel. They were excellent.

Hid younger brother brought the other half of the brownies in with a thin layer of frosting and miniature marshmallows. He told the Judge that he would have put gummy Bears on his but his brother ate the bears. The Judge looked at the older brother and thanked him as she said she didn't like gummy bears. The older brother looked at the younger brother and said," I saved you again."


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  1. Very, very funny! I teach a pair of brothers piano lessons, and I can hear that very conversation coming from them. Kids...

    I found you through Flea's blogroll. I'm enjoying flipping through your posts. Good sense is such a rare thing these days...thanks for sharing some!