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There is that new Sandra Bullock movie that starts today. She is so cute and talented that I love to watch her perform. It might be nice to see her not be a screwball in a movie. I read in the paper today that she has adopted a High School in Louisiana and is helping them recover from the damages of the hurricane. I guess 10 feet of water will tend to make it hard to come back without help.

Many of the daily bloggers I read have stopped updating and are now using Face Book. I find Face Book kind of like going to an ice cream store and limiting myself to a couple of those little plastic spoons for a taste. heck, some of the bloggers have not updated in so long that I have even stopped going by their site to peek in.

Yesterday I waxed into the teacher mode and absolutely no one commented. I hope that there were lurkers out there that at least read some of it. It would be a shame if I threw a party and no one came. I do understand that many of you feel this is the beginning of the busy time of the year and you just don't have time.

The Foreign Exchange Students at the local university are going to hold their annual performance tonight. I noticed the president of that group is from Bahm Me Thout in Vietnam. Spent a couple of months there in 1968. We were camped out on the edge of the airport and spent most of our time sending helicopter loads of ammo to our forward base.

Round two of my new found allergy to cotton seed oil is Church's Chicken. It seems that their Honey Butter topping on their biscuits has Cotton Seed Oil listed as the second ingredient. All this time I thought it was the spicy coating or the jalapeno I would eat. Crap oh dear, I am now not able to eat biscuits on the road. I also found it listed on the ingredients of Laffy Taffee. No major loss there but i did eat a small box of it last night after the Church's biscuit. My mouth feels like someone brushed my lips with a wire brush. I guess i need to find out who else uses Cotton seed oil on their biscuits. I love gravy and biscuits and may have to forgo that luxury. Crap oh Dear.
It has finally cleared off here and it seems like the wind has decided to lay low for a while. Should be a great couple of days here in the heartland. Just getting outside will be a reprieve.
Have a great day and an even better weekend. My thoughts will be with Janet and Mandy as they travel to Birmingham to have Thanksgiving with the Kirklands.



  1. Hey MUD, I read it yesterday. I just didn't have anything to add.

    Yeah, I am taking my wife to see the new Sandra Bullock movie in just a few hours. I rarely spend money on a movie...but she's aces with me. (My wife, and Sandra).

    This is the 33rd anniversary of our first date...never dated another girl after that.

    Do you use Google Reader? I don't have to peek in on my favorite bloggers. It just tells me when they've posted something. You probably already know about it, but if not, it's a cool deal.

    Have a good one. Headed to Wal-Mart, Chinese food, and a film.

  2. I really like Sandra Bullock, too. She's beautiful but not in a fake, Hollywood sort of way. She's also able to make herself look like a total goofball like you said. She's very funny, and she seems to have fun with those roles, too. She seems down to earth and like she doesn't take herself too seriously. I haven't heard of her throwing any star style tantrums either, but I don't keep up on that stuff.

    That's a shame about the biscuits. I do love some of those restaurant biscuits like McDonald's, Church's, and KFC. I hope the reaction fades quickly for you.

  3. This allergy has made me awary that the oil in an orange also does have the same reaction. I read that that's the first sign of a food allergy. Dad would have died if you fed him orange juice. I'll keep my eyes peeled to see if just juice had an adverse reaction. I love to peel and eat an orange. Dennis

  4. Hey MUD, I just got back from the Sandra Bullock movie a while ago.

    Touching, funny, and Sandra nails it! As usual...

  5. Mud, check my blog I am going to try and motivate all for 1 blog a day until the end of the year...I miss reading everyones blog as well.