What Would You Do?

Yesterday, Barb and I stopped in a Thai restaurant in Lawrence. I had a meal that was expensive and lousy. It was some kind of a chicken dish but I swear you could not tell it from beef. The noodles were so overcooked and dark from the sauce that you could not tell that they had any kind of taste on their own. I would describe the meal as being made by a heavy hand. To top it all off, the sauce had a slightly off taste that really made me not want to finish the dish. What would you do? I just left and thought about it. I wonder if the cook (I started to use Chef but that would be an insult to real chefs) was having a bad day. Barb had a spring roll that the woman in the restaurant made and she thought it was great. I am tempted to go back to the restaurant and talk to the owner but then, is my palate just not ready for Thai food? I will for now vote with my feet and not go back there to eat.

Today I am going over to my rental house and clean up the garage. It needed cleaned out after Dave and Barb left but I let it ride. I know there will be a trailer full of junk for the dump. After filling it up, I will probably make a run up north to the landfill.

It did rain some last night so the composted manure I spread yesterday got a good wetting down. It is in the mid 50's outside and should be a great day here in the heartland. KU will have another pre-season game tonight so it will be a good day.

Note to KC - I wondered how long it would take you to drop Larry Johnson. No one is worth that much trouble. Heck, a guy making millions of dollars a year should be able to stay in shape and keep out of trouble. The College ranks are full of guys that will get in there and block when they are needed and run when they are needed. A team that is 1-7 on the year should get a pretty high pick next year. I would trade that first round pick for a second and third round pick and go deep not early. But, I am not trying to make money from Football.


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