J'es Wonderin'

Barb and I had lunch with Travis on Friday and he was the H1N1 swine flu with a pig's nose and angel wings. Now Barb isn't feeling well. Wonder if he was contagious?

If you are feeling so poorly that you don't want to do anything is it possible you have the spine flu? This disease is really rampant in those of us that don't have to get up and go to work. You can recognize it by the butt dimples in your couch match those on your backside. I really can't see my backside but those wrinkles on the leather couch look suspicious.

How long does it take for the idea that you need to make things to go away after watching too much Martha Stewart? We have been up to our armpits with pumpkins, spiders and cute little cakes for Halloween. I guess they will change to Thanksgiving stuff and then Christmas.

The other morning when I told Barb that I was bored she asked me if I was bored or boring? I told her yes. There is a garage full of stuff that needs organized and here I sit inside waiting for the weather to change. Heck, I am even thinking about politicking for an additional garage and the one I have isn't completely full. Well, at least 3/4th full.

I really don't get Facebook. It is like people say things with less than half of the required information and other people give them a half assed answers. Some people get it, but there are a lot of people that think it is just the location for how they are doing on their fantasy farm or some contest where they give and get fantasy things. Dennis found a little brown cow? No wait, he had one when he read that statement for the 100th time.

Oh well, I'll bet there are times when you read this blog that you want more. Or less...


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  1. Heh! "Spine Flu!" I'm putting that one in the memory bank. My problem though is that my account is full, but I can't seem to ever make a withdrawal when I need to.

    Kinda like my garage. Sigh...