Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

This is my Mom and Dad with his brother Warren and his wife Mattie Jean
(From days gone by)

What do I get for the woman who has everything she needs. Kind of a mutual thought was matching sweatpants outfits. She did ask that I not buy her anything obscene on the sweatshirt and there is no need for Christmasy things as her post teaching wardrobe has all of that she needs. If we can't wear it or eat it, we don't need it.

For some reason, the subject of pie came up a lot when discussing Thanksgiving. Kind of like cookies comes up a lot at Christmas and cakes for birthdays. My momma told us a couple of years ago that she would much rather have a good pie than a cake for her birthday. It took us some convincing to get her to realize that sour cream/raisin and minced meat were her favorite pies and none of us really liked them. I think half a slice of pumpkin and half a slice of pecan pie with no whipped topping is probably near her favorite.

This morning I made potato pancakes with some of those garlic Mashed Potatoes. To two cups of potatoes I add a cup of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder, one egg and just enough milk to be able to stir the mixture together. I find that I want a little more salt and pepper but that's my taste. Don't get in a hurry to turn them over the first time and remember to re grease the pan between batches. I hit the pan with spray canola oil and the put in about a tablespoon of butter in the pan. I didn't grease it the second time and the pancakes came out tasting just as good but kind of messed with ugly. A good piece of ham would have really hit the spot but we didn't have any ham this year. There was going to be only 4 of us and with 12 lbs of turkey we just didn't need a ham.

MSN which I use as my host site on Internet Explorer had an article of what to do with leftover turkey. They started the article with their opinion that there was no need to have a blah turkey sandwich. Don't those fools that most of us wait all year for that first good turkey sandwich. Perhaps after a couple of days we are looking for ways to hide it but I hit the mayonnaise with a little hot sauce and that turkey screams to be eaten. If you eat a piece of pumpkin pie right after that sandwich the spices in the pumpkin pie just zing when it hits that left over hot sauce. I may get some sandwich buns and make a hot turkey and wing sauce "PO boy" later on. Yes Virginia, I will probably make something with turkey and noodles but not until I have had my fill of sandwiches.

Going to be 60 today, I need to get out and do what my daddy would call, "Blowing the stink off" His mother would call it piddling around and I call it doing stuff. Might be a great day to take the bikes to the lake and make a few circles with the pedals.



  1. ah? Just 60??? I must be dreaming...

  2. Hmm. I can put Fred and Bessie on a sweatshirt if you'd like. :)

  3. Sour Cream Raisin is definitely my favorite. I barely got a piece this year, had to run to the kitchen with the pie plate (only one little piece left) and hide it.

    My other favorite thing? Peanut butter mixed with white syrup, on the hot rolls. Man, it just doesn't get any better than that.