Odd Ocurrence

One of the few meals that I normally eat at McDonald's is breakfast. Yesterday I ate a big breakfast and went on to my rental to do some garage cleaning. By the time I had finished there, my mouth was tingling and my top lips were swollen. I wondered at the time if there was something in my breakfast that caused the reaction.

Today I went to the same store and spoke with the manager. he and I had worked together on a project a few years back and he was really nice and provided me with all the information he could. He even gave me the Corporation consumer number to call to ask them if anything had cottonseed oil in it. The representative I spoke with looked up the margarine and he said it was soybean oil. Then he looked up the biscuit info. They bake them and then brush them with a partially hydrolyzed cotton seed oil. I guess no more biscuits at Micky D's for me.

Once upon a time, my dad had a really bad reaction to cottonseed oil after helping unload a carload of cotton seed cake (What's left over as cattle feed after they mash the oil out.) I once upon a time had a bad reaction to scotch and a bag of granny Goose Potato chips while I was in the Army. Granny Goose uses cotton seed oil to cook their chips. I guess I will just have to be more vigilant about it from now on. The information I read indicated that a lot of times you won't have a reaction to a food allergen but once you do, you need to pay attention.


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  1. The information is correct. Salmon tries to kill my husband anymore. It's ruthless.

    Happy Veteran's Day, MUD!