Don't you just love the word redacted? Sounds like something serious done to people that deserve some really harsh punishment. I have seen the word redacted written many times but I have never had the occasion to really use it. I was looking on line for a good working definition for redaction and it hit me like a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) that if I ever wanted to put all my stories into one book, I was going to have to rely on the art of redaction. Normally this is done when an author takes a couple of stories and combines them to make one cohesive work. In my case, the memory lapses have some of my stories completely different and it just looks like two different guys wrote them.

I think there is an art where an author takes facts and weaves a story through the bones of fact and makes it funny, poignant, or exciting. The great teller of war stories adds to events and redacts the bloody parts depending on the audience. There have been times when Barb would tell me TMI (Too Much Information). That is her way of telling me to put a sock in it. I think that is a form of redaction that most husbands understand.

Now that Dave has helped me get my printer working, I am going to print a few of my war stories and try them out on my brother. He told me I should write a book. We'll see if he thinks that when he gets a bunch of the stories to read.

60 degrees here in the heartland today. There are a lot of things I need to do but I am finding a lot of writing energy today so here I sit.


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