The owner of the local franchise for McDonald's called me and was very concerned about the allergy incident. I assured her that I was a lot better and after finding out that there is cottonseed oil on the top of the biscuits am satisfied that I won't eat biscuits. She said that I could order an English muffin instead. It is amazing that of all the things in the world, only cotton seed oil seems to be an allergen for me.

Barb has contacted Nebraska and Texas to get tickets to a KU game there on their campus. She didn't have any luck with Iowa and Oklahoma State. My goal is to see the other stadiums in the BIG XII so I might have to find a time when they are playing someone not so near the top. So far Baylor has the nicest stadium with Texas Tech a close second. I love the atmosphere in Lawrence but hated our seats clear up in the corner and on a board. If three of the guys further down are big, they crowd the aisle. I don't have the $5,000 to get in the drawing for the hard plastic seats.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Barb kind of wants to stay home so we can have leftovers. When we go somewhere else, there is never a big old sack of left overs for "Planned Overs" If there is a better thing than left over turkey sandwiches, I haven't found it. Heck, I even make pancakes out of the left over potatoes. I know Barb loves apples and grapes so there is always apple salad left overs. (Is the plural like fists full of dollars? Lefts Over?)

I have the urge to grill today. I may make a run to Dillon's to pick up some hamburger and chicken. I may even slip in a package of Brats. It isn't summer here, but it is in the 50's in the daytime. Get out in the sun and it is wonderful.

Have a great week out there



  1. At least your only allergic to something that seems fairly easy to avoid. I really feel for those people who are allergic to wheat, corn, and dairy. I'd hate to live without any of those.

    We have two dinners to go to this year. Thursday will be at Danny's grandma's where we will be pulling taffy and I've pretty much been ordered to bring my pumpkin bread. Last year I thought I'd make something different to bring for the Christmas party and she was sorely disappointed and made sure I know that I am *always* to bring the pumpkin bread. You don't disobey an order from Grandma! She even bought me some cans of pumpkin and left them at the house when she watched the kids in October as a reminder that I had better bring pumpkin bread.

    On Saturday we'll be doing a dinner at my mom's. She's been wanting to host Thanksgiving dinner since she bought a house a few years ago. Since we usually alternate between my house or MIL's and Grandma's, if this was my year I was going to just say we were spending it with Mom. It's Grandma's year, though, and the first Thanksgiving since her daughter passed away, so we think it's important to go to her dinner, and Mom is very accomodating.

    I love having all this family around, but sometimes it can be difficult to work out the holiday plans!

  2. I am with you on the leftovers some years I get enough turkey for a sandwich but not always...maybe I will stay home and cook this year, who knows.