Yesterday At Wal*Mart

Because it was kinda cool in the morning, I got a haircut and went to Wal*Mart in the early hours. There was this cute lady walking down one aisle and she had four of the cutest little kids in the shopping basket and one kid that looked to be about seven following her. Somewhere in the dim recesses of her brain, she had let the seven year old talk he into getting one of those plastic light sabers from Star Wars. He was playing Zorro with her butt and had managed to miss any direct hits, for a while.

I went by them and told the little man he was about to learn his "'a fixin' to's." I told him that the first time he scores a direct hit on his target he will be a fixin to get into more trouble than he has seen all day. That will lead in the direct and immediate confiscation of his weapon and perhaps the application of punishment on the buttocks. His mother said that I was entirely correct and one more direct poke and he was going to find himself weaponless.

Because of the mixed weather of the day, the clothes people were wearing was a mixture of cold weather gear and summertime casual. Heavy emphasis on the casual. I have always been against stretch pants. Especially ones that are stretched to look like a blivet. You know, 10 Lbs in a 5 Lb sack. Mostly they have been replaced by sweat pants and I swear, the pants that look like flannel pajamas. Folks, just before you go outside, stop by a mirror and take one last look at yourself. No, that doesn't mean take a pair of scissors to the legs of your sweatpants because they are dirty. Somewhere between what you wore to bed and what you wear outside should be some semblance of care and concern. This also applies to the children you take with you. A simple change of clothes and a wash rag on the face would do wonders. Just Saying.

Having the feeling that I had done my duty for the day, I moved on to the leaves. Our rental house has this big assed sycamore tree with great big leaves that seem to not get any smaller when they dry up and fall off. In fact, the only way I can manage to bag them up is to mulch them first and then put the leaf dust in those 30 gallon trash bags. I did about half and managed to fill the pickup bed full of those big old yellow trash bags of leaf dust. I think that by Christmas I might be able to draw air through my nostrils. By the end of today I should be able to finish the leaf work and turn to the garage cleaning and brush cutting.

Tomorrow will be a day off from yard work and I will go over to the High School to be a debate judge. The debate question this year is whether or not the US should apply additional substantial spending to Human services. What a question... I think it is great that all the Debaters stop and look at what we should do and what will happen if we do. After all, it is their future Washington is en-debting.

There is a great question out there concerning the Constitution. Where does it say that the Congress can without a constitutional amendment do all of the things it is trying to do? I thought the language that tells Congress what they can do was pretty clear. Now, I am not trying to tie the feds hand entirely, I just want them to try to focus on the big problems and those tasks on their job list as outlined in the Constitution.

How can AARP look at the overhaul of the health Care System to be a good thing. The Democrats have announced that there will be big cuts in the Medicare program to fund any change. That means that the seniors will get fewer services or pay more. I thought AARP was on our side. Oh well, they won't get any of my money.

Better get busy, the wife just rolled out and I'm sure that she will have words of wisdom or tasks to handle if I don't look busy.


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  1. MUD, have you been to peopleofwalmart.com? It's a hoot.