All I wanted was a Chicken Dinner!

In our local Baptist Church, food was a pretty normal thing to have. There were special events with pies and lots of chili when we were building an addition. (Not so much beer or cigarettes, but chili and crackers with a Pepsi thrown in) One of the cutest girls in our church had a mother that made a chicken that was special. I did everything I could do, to wrangle an invitation for Sunday lunch where that Chicken was the main course. Finally, I am not sure of exactly how I managed it, but there I was and there was that special chicken.

As was the usual, there was enough chicken to feed an Army and I did my best to eat a goodly share of that wonderful treat. To make things better, there was heaping mounds of potatoes and that white chicken grease gravy that was just looking for a plate. I don't recall the vegetable but it was probably corn or green beans. Sheila's mom also made some dinner rolls that with just butter tasted like they had some honey in them.

After a nice lunch and lots of talk, we moved into the living room for a nice post meal visit. Sheila's mom looked at Sheila and said "Honey, your Dad and I think you are a little young to be getting serious." without missing a beat, Sheila said, "Mom you do realize that I am six months older than you were when you had me?" Shit oh dear, these people were talking kids and marriage and all I was there for was the chicken. Need less to say, I didn't work hard to get invited back to lunch after that.


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