Low Motivation level

Y'a might think that with a new french Press to extract every particle of caffeine out of the coffee, that I might be able to get more motivated. In the Army they called it DOGAS, or Degree of Give a Shit. Mine is low this morning. No real reason, just 'cause.

Some time in the next couple of days, I am going to look into the symptoms the septic system her at Rabbit Run has. The lateral line over to the downstairs bathroom and the laundry room seems to be sluggish and every once in a while the washer will cause the tub to kind of fill up with sludge out of the line. Normally it doesn't back up out the toilet bowl but this last time it did. I really think the toilet in that room is poorly designed and doesn't manage to flush with enough force but that also kind of describes my attitude.

Barb spent the day yesterday with one of those hide under a blanket migraines my granes or whatever you call it. She is much improved today and I am glad. She stayed home when I went to see Sandra Bullock's Blind Side. I loved that movie.

ShowTime and Direct TV have given us a free three month viewing because we are such a good viewer. (We pay our bill) Looks like I can now see Dexter for this season. On Friday night they ran last weeks episode a couple of times right after Californication. I didn't know you could show as much as that program shows. I guess the name should have given it away but... I guess I'm getting old.

Have a great day out there.



  1. Drain Tip of the Day.
    Go to Home Depot and buy 1 gallon of: Zep Pro Strength drain opener, about $9.00.
    Pour 1 Quart into a sink that flows into the clogged area, run just enough water in the sink after to clear U-trap of drain cleaner (1 pint to 1 qt). Wait 30 minutes and run some warm or hot water into the sink and observe if it backs up somewhere. If it does, put another quart into the sink and wait 1 hour. It should be clear by that time. Run warm water slowly into sink for 5 min to purge system. Be careful not to splash drain opener on yourself or breathe the fumes as it is really toxic. This worked for me 2 differant times. When it breaks loose it will clear the clog very quickly. No auger needed. Ray

  2. Check my blog today! A little something for you, oh and I check your blog daily just am lazy on the comments!