For many people the fear of the number 13 is highlighted when it falls on a Friday. I for one am not one of those fear mongers and only share the name with you to let you see it in writing. There are other versions in the spelling where there is a couple of k(s) and an extra letter or two but in the end, who really cares? (Triskaidekaphobia)

I guess I didn't make myself completely clear when I mentioned we want to go to see all the Basketball Stadiums in the BIGXII. I also want to see the Jay Hawks play the team that owns the Stadium. I don't want to be at Texas when they play their Tune-Ups for the regular season. Tonight is the first game for the Hawks within the regular season. They played two D-II schools and it was fun but not pretty. Tonight will be the first official game and it will be fun to see if Bill Self plays the Freshmen all at the same time again. In the last game, he played the walk-on's near the end of the game. Everyone scored and all played.

Yesterday turned out to be a great day for grilling. I had some great steaks, some hamburger, some chicken and some brats. Now the trick will be to eat it all in a timely manner. Barb made a wonderful pie with a brown Betty topping. Barb would commend me for eating the Schmoe Girl's breakfast of pie.

I have been doing some interesting studying about what the Internet has been saying about the States. 50% of all the people live in 10 States. Other than California and Texas, none of those States are in the top half of the most livable states. I can't imagine how, other than the weather, that California made the list. They are broke and people are leaving there in droves. Their property values are so down that people can sell there and only buy a 23 bedroom mansion in Idaho. At one time you could go to Idaho and find some nice housing values. The last time we were there I saw a horrible little house on a bare lot sell for over $40,000.

Oh well, other than the wind, it appears to be a sunny nice day out there. I have a couple of garages to get in order so better get started.


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