Hawks Per Mile

We made a dash to Oklahoma to see mom yesterday and Barb started to take Hawk Pictures on the way down. On the way back today, we must have seen a hawk per mile. With a Digital camera, Barb could shoot pictures to her hearts content. It really makes them stand out now that most of the trees have dropped their leaves.

Mom was fine, but slowly wearing out. She has a weak heart with an even weaker Mitral Valve that is allowing a lot of reverse flow as her heart refills. I guess at 87 the fact that it works at all is pretty good.

Rick and Becky had gone to the Tulsa Men's basketball game and we got to see them when they got home. I think that when the Roller Derby season kicks back up in February, we need to rent a van and a bunch of us go down to see her game on some Sunday evening. She is going to send the schedule and I'll work on the details. I'm sure that I'm going to make one game and I can take at least 4 in the Ford.


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