Man, That Can't Be Right!

Barb has faced up to the dilemma of getting green products in our diet in a new and different way. She has started to add greens products into our scrambled eggs. The latest is part of a left over bag of frozen Okra I bought for some soup. Okra in Scrambled eggs? Man that can't be right! Yes dear ones, you read it right, Okra and it is amazingly gentle cooked in a little oil and then made into scrambled eggs. I had it myself and would I lie to you about food?

Yesterday, we did our Thanksgiving shopping and stopped at the HiVee store on the west side of Topeka. It seems that right after the KC Chief's game there were a lot of people out shopping. The lure of turkey for .39 cents a pound was a big draw for us and a lot of others. I will cook the turkey and make my garlic mashed potatoes. There will be that green bean casserole and rolls with a Waldorf salad and pumpkin pie. If that isn't enough, I don't know what else to add.

There was a young teenager at the store and she was telling her mom that the store didn't have the kind of cheese ball she wanted. Nosy me, asked her what she wanted and she wanted a cream cheese cheese ball and I told her the age old cheese ball recipe I learned from my sister Myrna. Really it is fairly easy to start with cream cheese and flavor it the way you like it. I like to have one or two green onion stalks cut up and some cooked shrimp in mine. The flavor comes from whatever you prefer. Some people like Soy sauce, some like Worcestershire sauce and some just add salt and pepper. I find that about any spice or sauce you add is better the next day. Myrna always rolled her cheese ball in nuts and man is that a great treat. There is a new wheat cracker that is baked and comes in a bag that is just great with anything . The young girl looked at me and asked how did I know that would work. I said look at me, do I look like I know how to cook. Never trust a bald barber or a skinny cook.

When I went up stairs to get the name of the Worcestershire sauce off the bottle in the ice box, Barb wanted to know if I was using it in the description of the eggs she cooked. I am very careful to not make any fun of anything Barb cooks due to our Moose Manure Pie rule. There was this group of guys that went hunting up north and they made a rule that anyone that criticises someone else's work, had to take over that job. One guy was a fair cook and his food was good enough to keep the hunger pangs away. After several days of cooking he grew tired of that task and gathered some moose manure and made a pie. One of the guys took a big bite and shouted, "Holy Kerist (and he had a moment of clarity about the cooking duties he was about to inherit) That's the best Moose manure Pie I have ever eaten." So here at Rabbit run, we eat what is made or pass leftovers on quietly to the dogs. Most of the time I eat what is served as there is a big check mark in the food column under favorite.

More information will be forthcoming as I get closer to Turkey Day. I'll let you know if I am going to roast or smoke the turkey.

MUD the Chef, or at least the head turkey cook


  1. Never trust a bald barber or a skinny cook.


    And, I'm gonna remember that Moose Poop Pie deal...just in case.

  2. Would you lie to me about food? I don't know. I hope not. I do know that the only way I eat my okra is gumbo or fried. Thanks, though.

  3. I love fried okra, but I can't stomach it any other way. Too slimey. I don't even like it in gumbo. I keep trying when it's offered to me in different forms, though.

    Danny's grandma always used to make her own cheese ball, too. The last few years she's had trouble getting it to set up properly, though. It seems she finally figured out why, but I can't remember what it was.

    Now for a proper midwestern Thanksgiving, I think you have missed one key item on the menu. It seems in the midwest a feast of any kind calls for at least 5 different types of Jell-O salad. I wouldn't miss it any though. I must not be a proper midwestern girl.