Man, That Can't Be Right Pt 2

There was a short news article on the noon news from one of the Sunday talk shows and the host said, "Will the passage of a National health Bill cause us to increase taxes?" The Republican answer was a loud "YES!" A democrat said , "NO." Now I'm not anywhere near the smartest man on the earth but That can't be right. One of these two is right and one is wrong. Unless you are in the business of discussing what the meaning of is, is. I guess I have been hanging out with Barb too long and expect people to tell the truth when they are talkin'. Now, on the other hand, had he been on Facebook or writin' on his blog either answer may or may not be correct.

Is it possible that Congress could cut the expenditures for everything else and not have to raise taxes? My thought is "When Pigs Fly." Let me explain why I say that. A Republican Senator from Kansas was a wounded War Vet from WWII. He served many years and retired a millionaire. Knowing what it costs to live in his hometown and in Washington and what he was paid in his job as a Senator, he should have been about to break even when he retired. Now, I know that he had been paid a lot of money since by the Pepsi and the Viagra people but he was darn rich when he retired. There are a whole lot more like him back there in Congress and it ain't fair. There should be some limit on the running for an office that limits the expenditure to no more than the pay for the office is. Otherwise, the candidates are beholding to people that give them lots of money. Jest Saying. "That Can't be right!"

I got a bill yesterday from the Cotton O'neil clinic and they want $15.00 for something that was performed clear back in March. Now, I know I paid all my bills as I go and all of a sudden a $15.00 bill pops up from March. Can that be right?

Oh well, I'm still waitin' for some pictures of Grandma Janet, Poo Bear, Ames and the little guy.


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  1. MUD, come on, dude, you know that GIVING free medical services to 30 million people is not going to cost anything. You cynic.