What do you do when you wake up early on Thanksgiving and your Turkey is already done? Nothing I have to do will need to be done until about 10 AM for a 1 PM lunch. Even then, a lot of the stuff will be waiting until noon to go into the oven. As much as I love the smell of a house full of cooking smells, it does feel good to have the Turkey done and just in need of a reheat. Heck, the dogs have plumb licked the carcase clean. I think Taco has even gnawed the bone to nubbins. (Gnawed it to the bone)

It is pretty cold this morning. I noticed the dog's water had a skim of ice over the top and I'll need to get out and to run the electric line for the heated water bucket. That line is normally plugged into the electric fence but I haven't cleaned the leaves out of the fence and every time it gets damp, it blew the GFI. I will leave it unplugged to the fence.

To all my friends and family I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. My mind is in Birmingham when I day dream this morning. There the house is full of coffee smells, the giggle of Austin and setting up for the feast that will happen. Here, the coffee smells are fresh and only the lingering smoke smell from the turkey is happening.