Advertisements on My Computer?

As I turned on my computer this morning, a normal looking computer pop up appeared on the screen to tell me that there are new colors available on my color pallet. I clicked on the box just to see what the heck a color pallet was and found that it was an advertisement for colored DVDs. I have all the right spy ware and the message on the bottom of my screen says Protected Mode: ON. Crap, I will run a scan again this morning to see where what has broken down. I hate pop up ads and one that looks like something my computer system generated is just too much.

While I am in the mood for a rant, I read an article about a couple living in Los Angeles in 380 square feet. Once upon a time, Barb and I lived in a trailer that was 8X38 feet from tongue to taillights. I'm pretty sure that the sidewalls were at least 4 inches thick so the real inside measurement was closer to 34.5 feet by 7 feet 4 inches. That is a little over 250 feet. At least in Los Angeles they can invite visitors to sleep in a tent in the yard. In Kansas that would have been possible only three or four months in each year.

Now, leap to modern day life here at Rabbit Run an you will find us with 3,000 square feet, a three car garage and storage space at one of my rental houses. Yes, we are up to about two cars per adult (2.5 to be exact) Four lawn mowers and a garden tractor. I started to work on the garage yesterday and realized that without a trip to the dump, I was doing little but moving things around. At least I could walk down some paths but I couldn't find most of the things I use on a normal day very quickly.

I started a system using buckets where I would put tools together by function. I started with a wood working bucket, an electrical bucket and a plumbing bucket. Now I find that I need a painting tote and some shelving to put all the electrical tools. Most of them come in those plastic cases but some defy me and once I have taken them out of the plastic box they don't seems to fit anymore. I won't even talk about nails, screws and fasteners located in about four different places. The good news in all of this is it will soon be too cool to work in the garage so it won't matter until spring. Crap.

Yes, we have the dreaded age old disease of not throwing things away. I am not sure when it really started but I can see that things start to accumulate in the storage areas and then the accumulation starts to migrate out into the living area. This disease deserves a double crap. I am almost past the point where we have everything we need and into that area where we have more than we can manage. I have seen the enemy and he is us.

It sure was fun last night to see the Jay Hawk round ballers play their first official game. The coach just kept a new bunch of kids on the floor and wore a pretty good team down and fouled out half of their starters. They showed up with only 10 players to start with so it was getting pretty tense there at the end to see if one of the assistant coaches would have to play. heck, KU could have loaned them a couple of guys that are going to red shirt and made it a little more even. It looked like the Harlem Globetrotters with all the dunks and pretty plays. There are still two players sitting out with injuries, two ineligible until second semester and three walk ones that didn't get into the show. last year the starters played a lot of minutes and this year it will be tough to stay in thew game. Throw the ball away or forget to play defense and you will find your butt on the bench. Way down the end of the bench. There are some freshmen sitting on the bench that should start for most teams.

Turned a little cool this morning and they are predicting moisture soon. It is cloudy right now so we'll see what it turns out to be.


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