Don't Drink The Water!

Big XII North
KSU 4-2
Nebraska 3-2
Colorado 2-3
Iowa State 2-4
Kansas 1-4
Missouri 1-4

Big XII South
Texas 5-0
OSU 3-2
Texas Tech 3-2
Oklahoma 3-2
Texas A&M 2-3
Baylor 1-4

For some reason, the football gods must be laughing at Big XII football this year. KU and Missouri are tied for last in the North and God only knows where Oklahoma is. After watching years of epic battles where Nebraska would perform 5 yards and a cloud of dust and Oklahoma would put on an aerial show, the game over the weekend was more like watching paint dry. Our KU Quarterback who was rumored to be in the running for the Heisman Trophy. threw almost more interceptions than complete passes for two weeks in a row. KU's running game is really labeled three and out. I think the only way it would be considered if you looked at the number of yards he scrambled sideways before he threw those interceptions. Memo to self, Don't drink the water in Lawrence, Columbia or Norman.

There should be a special place in Heaven for those fans that go out to watch Kansas City Chief's football. They have more ways to snatch a loss from the jaws of victory than anyone else. Why people go out and pay good money to see them play eludes me. Hell, I won't even watch them on TV anymore.

Barb and I went to the local Ace Hardware store to purchase some composted manure for the garden. Ten bags is a good start. Didn't take too long to apply. But you all knew that I could shovel it with the best of them, didn't you. If it doesn't rain today I will probably hook up the tiller and give it a good stir in. I for sure will turn it in the spring if I don't get it done this fall.

Hope that your week is nice and you all have a great time out there. I will be either raking leaves or off to distant points with Dr Friesen's book.



  1. Ahem. The Saints are winning.

  2. Yeah MUD, I've scratched my head over the Big 12 this season. As a life-long SEC homer, I was "forced" to tag the Big 12 as "on par, or better" than the SEC last season.

    That was a hard pill to swallow. But man...this season, I'm like, "Whazzzzup wit' dis?"

    I actually started following Nebraska after Bo Pelini went there. I always liked the guy, and he built a fabulous defense at my beloved LSU. He deserved a shot at big-time head coaching.

    Man, you talk about the Chiefs...I remember back in the "bag-head" days of the Saints. One week, the Saints were leading by 5, with 20 seconds left. They had a 4th & something from about the 35. Instead of snapping the ball...running around a while, and falling down, they decided to kick a field goal.

    You guessed it...blocked, and returned for a touchdown, and a loss. As if that wasn't bad enough, the SAME DANGED THING HAPPENED THE VERY NEXT WEEK!

    The week after that, they found themselves in a similar situation. This is unbelievable, I know, but it's true. Instead of kicking a field goal, they just snapped the ball...the QB ran around for a minute, and dropped the football (JUST DROPPED IT!).

    You guessed it...picked up, and run back for a TD, and a loss.

    I know I'm running on long here. But if you've been a Chiefs fan for a long time, you'll remember Joe Delaney.

    Joe was a friend of mine in high school. We didn't go to the same high school, but I knew him and liked him.

    Alright...I'll let ya' go. Have a good one.