Bass Ackwards

A really great person that I know and love grew up in Germany. She said that she still thinks in German and has to translate things to English and often things come out Bass Ackwards. I wonder if the Democratic Party thinks in German? I also wonder if the Republican Party will understand English for the next couple of years.

It is my opinion that people that go to Washington get wrapped up in the idea that they can do things with OPM (Other People's Money) and that it doesn't cost us overall. After all what difference does it make if California goes broke to those of us in the heartland? Well, I do care that there are pockets of poverty, but I can't make Detroit as good a place to live as it once was.

For some reason, the Congress has tried to make life easy for the unemployed and not figure out how to fix the problem. They have fixed the Banks and shored up Wall Street and fixed the problem for people that got into this mess through being greedy. If you live on an expense account and don't have to use your own money it is easy to not have to worry about other people. If I had my way, the Congress would only be allowed in Washington to conduct business about 4 months a year and the rest of the year they would need to be home living and talking to the people they were elected by. Yes, limiting the time in Washington should limit the amount of money they spend.

Ok, I'll go away and find something useful to do today. Bye.


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