Sunday Funnies

One hold over from the days of throwing a newspaper for a year is my desire to read the Sunday Funnies. I can't explain why but I love to see the funny paper in color and see what it is that makes people laugh. There is no one kind of cartoon that I like more than the others. Kids, animals, teenagers and adults alike just tickle my funny bone.

This morning i asked Barb when she wanted to shop for our Thanksgiving meal. her comment was, "You should shop today". Cook one meal and forever I am the chef! OK, I let her do all the gardening because she took the Master gardening course. Turn about is fair play. I will have a turkey but right now am not sure how I'm going to cook it. I love a hickory smoked bird but I'm not adverse to a bird in the oven. There will be garlic smashed potatoes, dressing (Savory and cooked outside the bird) green bean casserole and rolls. There will probably be some kind of a salad and dessert but those are Barb's area. My favorite is a Waldorf salad and any kind of pie.

I guess there is so much crap stirred up about Airport screening that my blog yesterday didn't stir up any comments. I think we are way too soft as a nation and it has been so long since most of us have had to pay any price for our freedoms that we forget just how hard the rest of the world works to achieve or maintain what they have. I think that some of that is also why the Government has been able to spend so much money and not have it get on our radar screens. Because it is spent in Washington, it must seem like that it is OPM (Other People's Money). If it goes for something good, everyone thinks a little ear mark can't hurt. Every piece of legislation should contain in clear language how much it will cost us to maintain the building/agency created. Most importantly, how the hell it will be paid for and what won't be funded if this new thing is created or funded.

Oh well, on to the shopping...

MUD the Turkey Cooker

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  1. Hey Turkey Cooker! Man, I remember that EVERY Thanksgiving, my Grandmother made a Waldorf Salad.

    I haven't had one of those since she died in '95. Nobody else really liked it much, but it was her favorite, and I ate it because she made it (and I liked it). After she croaked, nobody else ever made one.

    I might just get one together this year for old times sake...hadn't thought about it in years. I'll probably be the only one that eats it, but maybe not...

    I've actually got the specific serving bowl that she ALWAYS used for the Waldorf Salad. That might be a real blast from the past for everybody.

    I think I'll do it.