Sad Things on a great Trip

At the very last minute, Dave couldn't get off so Barb and I had to make the trip south by ourselves. I really wanted to get to spend some time with them but alas they just couldn't get away. ON the positive side, I got to see the entire crew there and had a great time visiting with them all. Barb got her CF Card filled with pictures of Dexter and the family. With the help of my cell phone and our Garmin Nuvi I even managed to get over to see Kristy and Ethan. On Saturday I got to visit and tell Army stories with Dalton and on Sunday I got to share with Ethan. I just love telling war stories to little guys. Sure would love to have them closer.

The weather in Oklahoma was great. Both days we were able to shed our coats and be in short sleeved shirts. I'm not sure if Barb was as warm as I was but she hardly ever is. I thinks her hands are at least 10 degrees colder from 15 Sep to the middle of April every year. You know, cold hands warm heart or something like that.

Tonight we are headed over to Lawrence to see our Hawks play another game. It never ceases to amaze me how they just reload and can put winners on the floor. We have great seats this year and generally can sit down and watch the entire game. From the seats we got in previous years we were way up in the end zone and we had a better view from the scoreboard. We now are above the student section by the band and have a great view.

Oh well, better get a few things done here and move on.


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