How to Live like a Billionaire

Jean Folger wrote on MSN about ways to live like a Billionaire. Her comments are in bold and the Petty example follows.

1. Keep your home simple. I prefer to say you should have realistic expectations about what you have and know that everything will probably be replaced some where along the line. Our only mistake was not building earlier so it would have cost less. Perhaps we didn't need the extra 1000 sq feet but at the time it was cheap.

2. Use Self Powered/Public Transportation. We live in the country so there is no public transportation out here. We do ride our bikes a couple of times a week for 8-10 miles to stay healthy. I stopped smoking and drinking somewhere along those lines.

3. Buy your clothes off the rack. I'm so cheap that I buy a lot of my clothes off the clearance rack at Tractor Supply. Barb shops for clothes at the end of one season on sale. Yes, a lot of my shirts do say John Deere and Carhardt.

4. Keep your scissors sharp. I just found a barber that cuts hair for $7.00 a pop. That is down from $13.00 at my last barber. The new guy doesn't take appointments and I love that. I won't comment on Barb's beautician. She looks great and I'm proud.

5. Drive a Regular Car. If you knew me, you would wonder why I have always driven old cars. I have owned a couple of new cars in my life but nevermore. My latest car was a 2004 Crown Victoria with 18,000 miles purchased for 10 grand. My daily driver is a 53 chevy pickup and there is a 57 in the garage for weekends (If I can get it started). Barb's regular driver is a 96 Buick Skylark with 118,000 miles on it.

6. Skip Luxury Items. I was probably the last guy I knew to own a cell phone. As soon as AT&T could provide me a high speed line cheaper I dropped Direcway satellite Internet. Barbara is famous for finding things on sale. We discuss all purchases and she keeps me out of Nieman Markus. (and Best Buy unless Dave's Employee/family Discount plan applies)

7. Use the Public Library. (Barbara Bonus) At one time I bought a lot of new books and have many that I read once. I have read most of my WEB Griffin books more than once so they really don't count. Our public library allows Barbara to reserve books on line and then notifies her when they are available for pick-up. When we go to a book store, she looks at what is new and writes those titles down to put on order. I shop at a second hand book store for all my books on CD and take them back when we have listened to them.

8. Dennis Bonus - I bought the right tools to do jobs for myself instead of hiring a professional to do the job. Who do you think pays for his tools?


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