Roundball update!

I went to Lawrence last night to watch a good Texas A&M , Corpus Christi come into the FOG to see if KU could defend their home winning streak to a new current record of 63. I saw some masterful basketball as KU just played determined and aggressive. It was a piece of work that just makes me feel good about the rest of the season. KU Rocked!

I got home in time to watch Duke play the same brand of basketball and they were just professional and sound. They forced K-State into 21 turnovers and shut Pulliam down to 4 points. I kept hoping that K-State could turn the game around but they never could play up to Duke's number 1 status. When Coach Martin threw a fit during a time out, the TV had to blurr his mouth because you didn't have to be good at reading lips to know what he said. I think Manhattan needs a coach as good as their team. He looks bad in purple, especially when it is his face.

Man do I want to go to Vegas this weekend to see the Hawks play there. Oh well, I'll have front row seats here at Rabbit Run and won't have to be patted down unless I beg for it.


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