OH, Get real!

This is why we have security screenings!

- This morning I ventured out into the blogs that are on my list of favorites but I don't really read daily. One of them claimed they were not going to fly ever again because of the security at the airports. Listen up People! There are service members out there that go in harms way every day and do a hell of a lot worse than a pat down to keep us free. Lets see if there is room in "Mamby Pamby Land" for those of you who whine that you might get groped once or twice to make sure people know are you are glad to see them and it is not a gun. I would much rather see a strong security than see my plane blown up by some moron that has the mistaken notion that killing me will help him to go to visit Allah. In my perfect world, there would be a curtain around the security area and an armed guard to make sure that everyone is screened right down to their underwear if necessary. Your dignity isn't as important to me as our security. Get in line, shut up or stay the hell home!

This situation reminds me of the time as a teenager, a spider crawled across my plate and I lost my appetite. After a year of living in Vietnam where there were no facilities to mention, that damned spider better not crawl across any plate of mine. I'll smack him with my spoon and wipe the spider juice off on my pants. You can bet I'll finish my meal and use that spoon. I'll try not to be so crude at the Thanksgiving table, but I sure as hell won't whine if the rolls are cool or the butter isn't soft. I freely offer myself up to my better half for a full on body search if it makes it safer for others to eat Turkey. Any one else damned better have a gun of at least be good looking with warm hands.

This morning there was an article in the paper about feeding the birds. It is to bring joy to you and soon you will be naming them looking out the window as you hug a cup of cocoa. Shit oh Dear, I have never read a more stupid piece in my life. The birds are nice to have in the yard, but naming them? Boy do you have to not have anything in your life if you have time to give them names. Oh, you think she means knowing the kind of birds they are? Well, I do know a Dove from a Blue Jay but I don't give a Tufted Titmouse if I call it a house wren or a flicker. If that damned wood pecker doesn't want to be called a red headed wood pecker, why does he have a red head? I sure as hell won't try to call each one by some name I make up.

One final note today is for everyone that thinks what our Government is doing isn't important. There is a day coming that we will have to start paying for all the things we have thrown Federal money at in the past. I don't think we will all have to get down to the level of Dave Ramsey's "Beans and Rice" every meal. But what the hell is so bad about beans and rice? I know people that fly to New Orleans (That's Nawlins for those of you from there) to eat beans and rice. Wait, that's where I started this post. When my reasoning gets circular, it must be time to quit.

Your Pal, MUD

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  1. Dunno if your comments are aimed at me specifically or not, MUD. But I AM one of those folks who refuse to fly and I so stated on my blog recently.

    My issue isn't security at airports, it's the totally INEPT way our gub'mint has gone about it. The Israelis have a system that works and one that should be emulated if our politically-correct government had even one half of one percent of the brain power they THINK they do. But No... we get stupid-ass, brutally expensive scanners or full-body gropes... take your pick. No thanks; I'll drive.