Road trip!

We are headed south to visit our grand nephew Dexter before his family moves off to New York. Dave and his wife are going with us so it should be a fun trip. Having brought Barb to Kansas 40 years ago, I can't say anything bad about moving the wife away from her family base. I do wish Dexter had a little more time to let Becc and grandma Ann give that little guy sugar. Perhaps it is just as well that Dex is leaving before those two women just get too attached that they have to load up the car and move with them.

For Veteran's Day, we went out to eat at Applebee's. They had a nice little steak free for veterans and the other three meals were discounted by the Manager another 25% for the wait. All in all it cost us less than $30 to eat. A bargain in today's world. It was a zoo out there as so many people had the day off and took advantage of a free meal.

We finally got a little rain this morning. I'm not sure how much but it was a good start. perhaps we'll get more during the day today. I think it might get up to 50 today but not much more than that. It will be a good day to stay inside. Other than to get the dog food feeder ready for the weekend I don't have a lot to do out there. The Birds are all set with a new suet block, Black oil sunflower seeds and fresh water in the bowl. I'll plug it in in a week or so but for now I think it won't freeze over.

Better go get things rolling lots to do and miles to go. But, the company we are going with will be so great.


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  1. We went to the one in Palmdale. Got there about eleven or so.Met up with an old friend who was in the AF so all I had to cover was the Missus!
    Got out for eleven bucks and my friend got the tip.