Wiki Leaks et al...

On one hand, it is kinda funny to me that notes from the State Department have achieved the same level of publication as the previously leaked Military information. Makes me wonder why people expect to have the Government take care of their safety when it is pretty clear that they can't take care of themselves. In this day of worldwide connectivity, how on earth can anyone expect what they put in writing to be "Secret". If the Governments of the world can't put a plug in the Wiki Leaks, how can they really stop anything important? Another question is who really gives a darn what was said a few years back? I am not sure I really care what the State Department says today so long as China can keep the North Koreans in check.

It seems like yesterday that everyone was up in arms about the airport screenings and it was building to be a bigger deal on the heaviest travel day of the year. Big friggin deal. I wonder what the next big deal will be.

Barb thinks that Sarah Palen is getting way too much press lately. She was in Wichita at a Dillon's store doing a book signing and it made the news big time. On a scale of 10 this whole report was about a 2. I think it must have been a slow news day and I'm glad that there aren't a lot of really big deals that hog the front page or lead off the news.

Oh well, have a great day!


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