Wenches and Wrenches

This isn't the deer I saw, It was his daddy

On Wednesday, our local paper is filled with the advertising flyers from the major chains. I can always count on the sears ads to fill my eyes and mind with images of wenches in bras and panties and pictures of shiny new wrenches. A lot of other flyers provide eye candy but none other provide stimulation of the SAE and Metric size. Other than that, the paper can be read in just a few minutes, fewer if you don't cart about Football. Wrap it up guys, they are playing roundball. Yep, checked the Obits and I am not there. Moving on...
This morning it is a lot colder than yesterday but it after 32 MPH winds, it is almost calm out there this AM. As I was putting on my shoes to go fetch the paper this morning, I spotted a deer moving in the woods about 50 yards west of the house. As I watched, I saw it moving through the trees and it was a Buck with nice sized antlers. I just stood there and watched it slowly move as his color matched the trees and leaves. When I told Barb about the deer, she asked me why I didn't go get her camera with the telephoto that was right there in the living room. I guess I was a lot like the hunter that see's his first deer of the season and just the view was so spectacular that nothing else mattered. "Buck Fever" just cancelled out my thinking like a picture of one of those Brazilian Bikini models on the beach at Ipanema. When I did finally venture outside, he spotted me and froze for about a minute. Then he waived his white flag tail and jumped through the brush as he fled to the west. He must have gone up by the fence on the west side as I heard the dogs up there bark to mark his appearance.
How come we never remember to buy some more trash sacks at the store until we are completely out? Barb and I both thought hard yesterday while we were out "Blowing the stink off." Could we either one remember those necessary items? Nope. Kind of like that issue with Toilet Paper. I can remember a brand name but not why. Is that brand name in my brain housing storage unit because I never want to buy it again or is that the one I like. Yes, there are brands of toilet tissue I like. Soft, durable and big rolls go a long way in being the brand of my ideals. For a while I started using my cell phone to make notes when I thought of things I need. Then, I started to forget where my phone was and that negated the entire use. Just a note, My dad used the term "Blowing the Stink Off" as something we all needed to do now and then after being cooped up in the house.
Today is Barb Jr's birthday and we are going to celebrate with them tomorrow. She will have her nephews (I Hope) and we will try to do something fun for them too. Young men are always such a joy to have around. I forget how much laughter they can bring you. I'm pretty sure that young women are like that too. My experience is much more limited in that area. Little girls giggle but teenage girls tend to have a lot of drama in everything.
Better close and move on smartly or whichever way old guys move.


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  1. HA! MUD this post made me giggle.

    ...stimulation of the SAE and Metric size...