I just don't have any good name for a Tuesday Blog. I guess Tuesday is just a day that garners no respect. We all hate Monday and Wednesday is Hump day and Friday is the last day of the work week, Wait! I'm retired, almost all days are alike and it matters little what day of the week it is. There are days that if it wasn't for the days on my pill case I wouldn't notice what day it is. Most days start the same way and I generally know from the size of the paper what day it is. A good hot cuppa coffee and the paper starts most days for me.

Yesterday I hauled off the retired couch and a recliner that we really didn't use. They charge about $33 to take a pickup load to the dump. Worth every penny. Mom would generally sit in that recliner when she would come over but that hasn't been for a couple of years. Besides, the new Flex-Steel couch has built in recliners on both outside seats. When Dave was over the other day he gave us a stamp of approval on the couch. Now if I can just get the walls pretty and find a way to hang curtains.

For several days now, we have had the turkey flock show up here in the yard. There are about 8 hens that flock together and they stir up leaves looking for food. I was tempted to get some feed and start feeding them but I'm not sure I really want to start that. If I did that, then what do I do with the deer, the coons and the possums. Oh well, we see them enough without any additional feed. It isn't a matter of money but more of going out on cold days to haul feed to "wild" animals.

Better run and get something done. Or a nap, which ever comes first...


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