It's Been "CrapTastic"

You want to know what worries the hell out of me? Will the victory in the House of Representatives by the Republican party signal them to start being as big a party of A holes as the Democrats were? This wasn't about the Republicans, but about Congress. What I and hopefully most of us want, is for them to sit down and find ways to fix problems and do it as quick and cheaply as they can. I personally would fire the first guy that says we can't, won't or oppose fixing what the hell is wrong.

Yes, I am aware that in general you can have things two of three ways. Put Cheap, good and quick in the hunt and generally you can have two of them not all three. The other day I heard a commentator say that putting people back to work was pretty easy in his mind. Lower the withholding taxes today to put more money in the hands of the working people. They are generally spending nearly 100% of what they make and if they have more money to spend, it will get spent. They are the people that visit the small businesses and will spend money there right now not after months of some Government program.

So, to the "CrapTastic" Congress, the challenge I leave in their hands is to go back to Washington, start down the road of fixing problems and spending money like it is their last term in office. Continue to do what you did and we won't settle for what we got last time. The sheeple have spoken it is now the time for Congress to listen. I for one wouldn't be all pissed off if the President listened and brought the Leaders of the new congress together and used a little of his Community Organizer experience to organize that goat rope and hold a rodeo that we can all be proud of. If not, he'll have another two years to write if he is a worse or better President than Jimma Carter was.


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  1. MUD, I've wondered what would have happened if instead of throwing nearly one trillion dollars at "stimulus," Congress had just suspended the personal income tax for one year.

    I think it's about the same number of dollars. Could you imagine how this economy would have rebounded! All those extra dollars for investment, or consumer spending would have shored up bank accounts, paid down personal debt, and pumped up retail markets.

    The States, and municipalities would have benefited, too from increased sales tax revenues, and more people put to work.

    Washington does everything bass ackward.