Smokin' Hot Turkey. Are you Ready?

Yesterday I bought our Thanksgiving Turkey and when I brought it home, I put it in our freezer. This morning I read that it should be in the fridge (I almost wrote Ice Box but Barb thinks it shows my age when I do) one day for each 5 lbs. Then another person said the day before you can put it in cool water and thaw it out the day before. Another person said never brine a Turkey and someone else tried to sell us a kit to brine one from HyVee. I think there are just so many people that confuse celebrity with intelligence and they feel they must say something to fill their time on the air. Hummm, is that what I do here on my Blog?

This morning, I got an E-Mail message from one of my old friends. Yes, I do have a few young friends but it is mostly the old one's that send me stuff. A lot of it is spam and gets deleted but there are a few that just get my blood pressure up. This morning's E-Mail indicates that our President is somehow involved in erecting a statue of Jane Fonda. If this is true and not an urban legend, it is just one more example of how out of touch he is with the mainstream America. When Hanoi Jane went to North Vietnam and sat in an air defense gun position she by my standards forfeited her right to be a US Citizen. I for one, will never spend a dollar to buy, see or support anything that has her name on it. Unless or until the Government sees it to remove her citizenship, she has the right to do as she pleases. I have the same right and I will continue to boycott anything that has to do with the name Jane Fonda. May she rot in hell!

We have a cold front stalled out across the eastern half of Kansas. If you go 50 miles west, it is 10 degrees colder. If you go 50 miles east, it is 10 degrees warmer. I guess I had really better enjoy whatever temperature it is here. In Twin Falls, it will get down to zero and their high will be only 21. They also have snow falling to add misery to their discomfort. I am glad we are right where we are and will wait for winter a little while longer and enjoy summer after that. We have 4 true seasons and they are as pretty as a puppy. OK, they do turn into the Dog Daze in August but I enjoy a good sweat from time to time.

The birds are sure hitting the feeders and suet block with gusto this morning. I need to get out and refill the suet block holder and change the water. Oh well, when I start looking for things to do rather than write on my blog, it must be time to go. Bye!



  1. The Butterball defrosting instructions were about thirty times short for me two years ago when I deep-fried my first turkey. Seriously, thirty TIMES.

  2. Hey MUD! No, the Jane Fonda thing is not true. I've gotten that e-mail recently, and through the Bush years, too.

    It's the same one, but with different Presidents' names attached to it. Heck, if I'd have had e-mail during the Clinton years, it probably would have ragged on Bubba for the same thing.

    A turkey goes from the icebox to the frigidaire on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It does not matter how many pounds it weighs, or how rock hard frozen it is. This has been the "rule" my entire lifetime...and the turkey still tastes like crap, whether the rule is violated or not.

    Thanksgiving Turkey is one of the many reasons that I turned vegetarian almost 25 years ago...may as well eat the netting around it.

    Just sayin'...

  3. Dang. I haven't even bought a turkey yet. I'm screwed.

    I sometimes say ice box, too.

  4. I am not sure what I would do if meat tasted bad to me. I start out with something I think tastes good and add things that taste better. To me, the end result is almost always a treat. Webber has a tequila/lime marinade that when I add it to chicken it makes something so wonderful that I almost can't wait to eat everything else. To each his own and to his own taste. To me, I vote for a Rib eye on my hickory grill.

  5. MUD, quit it, it is too early in the day for you to start tempting me with a danged steak.